September 29, 2018
gnome internships privacy campaign

Almost there… GNOME Internships are getting closer, if you are a GNOME contributor with some experience this internship is a good fit for you. Official application deadline is 1st of October, but we are open to receive more aplications if the aplicant is a good fit. How about applying? :) What’s this about? GNOME internships is a program to use the donations we get from campaigns into projects aimed to improve the topic of the campaign.

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September 11, 2018
hugo gnome blog static website

Wordpress I have been using Wordpress for long. Basically since I joined GNOME because it was required for GSoC. Wordpress works, it’s okay. There are themes, it has a wysiwyg editor and you can embed images and videos quite easily. It kinda does the job… The bad Now, one of the biggest problems are ads. Not that they exist, which is completely understandable, but rather that they are kinda crazy.

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September 9, 2018
hugo theme blog static website

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