September 29, 2018
gnome internships privacy campaign

Almost there…

GNOME Internships are getting closer, if you are a GNOME contributor with some experience this internship is a good fit for you. Official application deadline is 1st of October, but we are open to receive more aplications if the aplicant is a good fit.

How about applying? :)

What’s this about?

GNOME internships is a program to use the donations we get from campaigns into projects aimed to improve the topic of the campaign. This internship is not limited to students or a other level of expertise, quite the opossite, some experience and/or being part of GNOME already is a must. Making sure these projects get finished is very important to us, and to achieve that the GNOME foundation is providing a more than nice stipend!

This round of internships is aimed to improve privacy when using GNOME. We have selected a few projects tha are key to provide an excellent privacy experience with GNOME software. We will use the funds we raised as part of the privacy campaign and we are excited to put them in good use for all of our donors.

Requirements & more info

Ideal what-to-have are being a GNOME contributor and some work/other FOSS experience. If you don’t have work/other FOSS experience but are a regular GNOME contributor this is also fit for you. Likewise, if you have work/other FOSS experience but don’t have as many GNOME contributions you can try out too after making some contributions to GNOME.

If you are not sure if you fullfill the requirements don’t hesitate to ask me or send an email to Above all, don’t let the impostor syndrome to prevent you for asking or aplying!

Go to the wiki page to read more info and follow the steps to apply.

Cheers 🐩


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